first of all: thank you for your brilliant tool. we have just found it on the web and it is really amazing. we are currently checking out the demo and trying to prototyp a website optimized for the iphone.

we are doing the following:

– give the plot the right size (320 x 480 pix)

– export the plot as DHTML

– put it on our webserver and browse it with the iphone

The problem is that the page is not size corretly in the safari browser. it appears much smaller and does not fits the screen. of course we could zoom each page by hand but this is kind of annoying because it totally destroys the “look-and-feel”.

Do you have any ideas how we could achieve that the pages are displayed correctly?

thank you.


Development Director

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Hi Tobias, the exported DHTML page is 320 x 480 pixels. The problem is that Safari in iPhone does not know the view size we need, and zoom out the page, so the page content can not fill the screen.

There is a workaround: add this line in the “index.htm” file:
<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=320″>

I’ve just uploaded two examples, you can view them in iPhone:

Original Version (can not fill the screen):

Modified Version (will fill the screen):

You can compare the source of these two examples, you will see the meta line above do the trick.

We will add the meta line in the DHTML export from next version, thus you will able to use it without modification.


cool! we will test it right now. thank you for the quick response…


works just fine… thank you again for your help…


The enhancement is included in V2.15


wow… great support!

best regards,
a very satisfied customer


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