Hi, since i updated to the 1.90 Version, in Simulation my Browser does crash (IE8)

Even the Browser of my colegue do crash. If i use for example Firefox, it opens up the Page, but some components do not work (Tabs and other functions do not work)

It only happens with the bigger Files with around 14 Pages.

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Ahhh… just found out, that there is 1 Site, that is actually causing this problem! Mhhhh….. Strange….


Great ! I just found out, how to reproduce it.

Just create a Table with this Infomation:

X, Y, Z, A,


That will create a 5th Row, wich causes the crash !


Hi Thorsten, thanks for the information. We’ve found this bug (Bug_0127) a few days ago and will fix it in V2.00. The bug is introduced from 1.90, the table can not work correctly if two or more rows contains different number of columns.


Bug_0127 has been fixed in V2.00


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