I use some Buttons in my interface and when i test my software in the Android, works correct, but when i test in the IOS, don’t works correct. In the IOS i need to click twice on the button to work. Help me about this?

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Staff May 24, 2016

Hello Kássia, this is because Safari on iOS simulates the “hover” event in a special way: the first tap is taken as “hover”, while the second tap triggers the “click” event. This behavior has been introduced on this article:

Besides changing the look, the “hover” state of button is actually useless on touchscreen devices. If your GUI is dedicated on touchscreen devices, you can use the workaround below to remove the “hover” state in all button elements:

The idea is quite simple, when the first page gets loaded, find out all button elements and remove their “mouseenter” event handler, so all buttons will not have the “hover” state.


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