In a master page X I have an element with Z value 5.

In another page Y, which has page X as master, all elements have Z value 0.

In simulation the elements on page Y gets covered by the element in the master page X…

I would expect the master page to be in the background of the pages using the master, and I would not expect to take notice of Z values across pages.

Is this intended behaviour?

This goes for both IE8, Chrome 21 and Firefox 14.

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Hi Ulrich,

It is the intended behavior, and I believe V2 works in the same way with V3.

This is the only way to place popup menu or popup window in the master page. The popup menu/window must cover the content in normal page.

Master page is not the background, its content just like those in the normal page, they are just created “eariler” so normal page content can cover them. But if they have higher Z value, they will cover other content.


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