ForeUI 3.90 SP1 on Ubuntu 14.10 x64 – clicking on the text color box doesn’t show the color picker widget, although the mouse cursor changes to color picker shape

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Staff February 2, 2015

Hi Texpert, I know this problem and it is because you run ForeUI with Java 7, which ForeUI is not fully compatible with yet. There are two workarounds: one is to run ForeUI with Java Runtime 6; the other one is to download and use this internal version V3.90 SP1x, which has exactly the same feature with 3.90 SP1, but it is compatible with Java 7:
In the coming V4.0, ForeUI will officially support Java 7 and this problem will not exist anymore.

  1. Hi, Vivi!Long time haven't written to you - nice to meet you again!I have tried the internal version from your link, but it didn't work. Have no possibility to use Java 6.So, let's wait for the V4.0Thank you for prompt answer!
  2. ViVi Staff February 4, 2015
    Hi :-) The internal version should work, as I tested it on Mac OS Yosemite with Java 7. Did you mean it could not run? Or it runs but still has the same problem? If you are using Ubuntu desktop, double-clicking the launch.jar is another way to run it, which you could try.

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Hello! It sounds like you’re experiencing an issue with backrooms game  ForeUI on Ubuntu. It seems that the color picker widget is not appearing when you click on the text color box, even though the mouse cursor changes to the color picker shape. One possible solution to this issue is to try updating your system to a newer version of Ubuntu or installing any available updates for your current version. It’s possible backrooms that a software update could resolve the issue you’re experiencing.


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