v2.22 Existing plot project, now unable to change background property on controls. At this time I have attempted to open this project file from multiple systems running v2.22 to verify this is not related to a particular machine. Seems to be related to the project plot file. I am able to change other properties on controls, but background colors seem to be locked. The property box shows that the color is change, but not visual change on plot controls. No change to background during runtime as well. Copying controls from existing plot to a new plot exhibits the same behavior. New plots and controls seem to work fine. If I start a new plot and copy in a control from the misbehaving plot, all controls in the new test plot begin to exhibit the same behavior. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi John,

Since this kind of problem is not easy to reproduce, could you send the problematic plot file to for investigation? Thanks.


Hi John,

I’ve checked your plot file. I think it is a bug of the “Hand Drawing” UI theme. As a low fidelity theme, it should respect the background color settings. But currently it seems to ignore the background color for button elements.

We will fix it in next version.


Thanks Xavier, looking forward to the next release.


Bug_0193 is fixed in V2.25


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