Ulrich and Kenneth Ervin Young have reported some new bugs in V2.22, most of them are related to the embedded elements. Since some of these bugs are serious, we have to release this unoffical version with the bugs below fixed:

Bug_0188: Table cell with comma will be splited into two cells.

Bug_0189: “Element Clicked” event is not triggered when clicking the table row. (regression in V2.22)

Bug_0190: Do nothing in table editor and press ok button, the table is marked as “modified” (while actually it is not).

Bug_0191: Table element may contain broken reference to deleted element, which cause error in DHTML generation.

Bug_0192: Rename embedded element will make it dispear from the container.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Now you can download the V2.23 via these URLs:

Installer for Windows:…

Disk Image for Mac OS:…

Minimal .tar.gz Package:…

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Great! Thanks!


Great Response ForeUI Team!!! I Enjoy working with teams that respond quickly like this to serious issues. Well done!


Great response indeed !

Thank you.


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