I can see how it might be useful to support 16 to 24 global variables (V1-V16) that can be accept either integers or text strings or even other variables, which can then be attached to any element (standard or custom).

Examples of how variables could be useful:

1) simulating a user session such as a login. A login screen can capture a username and password and pass them to other pages and then take action based on these such as displaying a username on each page or only showing content if a user is determined to be logged in.

2) performing various actions based on the contents of a variable. This might mean only showing certain content is the value of a variable is 1 (true) or 0 (false) or “Paid” or “Not Paid”

3) Inserting the contents of a variable into other elements such as a Text element called “Foo” + V1 for simulating dynamic output.

4) Variables can support simple calculations such as V1=25 and V2=50 so V3=V1+V2 or 75. This could allow for the output of calculations (common in many types of applications) to appear in simulations for when one is simulating a loan or summing up the totals of a column.

Initially, variables could just support basic math like + * – and / and ( ) but perhaps latter other operators.

This feature would be a natural evolution of the product since ForeUI already supports IF-THEN and FOR LOOP and WHILE LOOP type constructs.


Thank you.

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Yes we are considering this feature, may be the form is different but the idea is similar: to allow simulating more complex feature.

Actually we think ForeUI already support “global variables” now, the value of hidden Text Edit Box can be get/set during the simulation, that’s quite similar than a global variable. Yet I think your idea is great since V1-V16 is more easy to remember and they have nothing to do with displaying, so we will consider adding it (as an invisible element).

The lacking feature is the calculation, it is not easy to implement and we are thinking about the solution, but one thing can be confirmed is that ForeUI will support it sooner or latter.



has the ability to use variables in calculations been implemented yet?


Hi snortch, yes ForeUI has this ability from V2.00. The “Global Property” introduced in V2.00 is exactly the same with “global variable”.

Here are something useful:
GUI to manage global property:…
What is global property:…
Use global property in expression:…


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