I am attempting to utilize Chrome as my browser interface to display my plot, but for some reason when I attempt to run either simulation or exported HTML in Chrome I get the ForeUI Simulation Loading dialog and then nothing.
The plot never seems to complete it load cycle; however, the exact same plot works fine in IE, Safari, and Firefox.
Anyone else experienced this, or have any ideas?

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Staff February 4, 2015

Hi Matthew,

Chrome should be the best web browser to run ForeUI simulation, and we always recommend it. Maybe there is some Javascript errors in your simulation. Can you send us your exported simulation files (pack the directory into a ZIP) for checking? You can send to Thank you.

Staff February 5, 2015

We have discussed this issue via Emails, but I’d like to write down here to let other people know about it. For now the problem is not very clear yet, but this problem does exist in Chrome only. It seems that chrome’s Javascript engine will meet infinite loop during the loading, if there is no “Delay” before the “Switch Page” action in behavior definition. It is not always happening, but it could happen in some cases, when running the simulation in Chrome.
For the time being, the workaround of this problem is to insert a “Delay” (maybe 50 ms) before the “Switch Page” action. In the coming V4.0, we will put this workaround in our code generator and you will not need to do it anymore.  

Staff July 21, 2015

The workaround for this issue has been integrated in the newly released V4.0 beta


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