When adding an element to the “element library”, the progress bar freezes.

I happens, when I for instance select “Add element from current selection…”.

The element is correctly added, and I can simply close the little dialog containg the progress bar and – it just seems a bit weird.

In other words: It’s not a critical bug.

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Thanks for reporting the bug, we’ll check it.


I have some more details:

If I try to overwrite an existing element in the library, the progress bar freezes (as mentioned above), AND the existing element is not overwritten. In stead I now have two elements with the same name, and I have to manually remove the one I tried to overwrite.

By the way, the name of the element is “control-search.fce”, so that should not be a problem.


This bug is reported as Bug_0090 and fixed in V1.57.


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