I’ve downloaded the ressource “Tool tip example” and I experience the following issue in simulation:

The tooltip flickers: It is shown shortly, then hidden shortly, then shown again and so on. I keep the mouse completely still over the element with the tool tip.

It seems to flicker in a certain rhytm.

Happens in both Chrome and IE8.

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I recorded a short video showing the issue:…

  1. The video doesn't work in Chrome for some reason - works fine in IE8.
  2. Well, now the video works in Chrome as well... :)

I’ve checked out the video, indeed it is flickering.

But I can not reproduce it on my IE, FireFox and Chorme. Here is what I saw (click the image below to view the video):


I guess it may be affected by the machine performance… Not sure yet.

  1. Ok, I'll try a reboot and see if that solves the issue.

It was a matter of CPU ressouces… it works fine now.


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