I can’t set white (#FFFFFF) background to a group box. It does work with #FEFEFE, though.

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Hi Mosty, I guess you mean the “GroupFrame” element? Its background color is white by default, I don’t see why it doesn’t work for you.


You’re right, I meant the GroupFrame. However, its backgroud color is not white but a light grey. I added the group frame, selected it, clicked on BgColor (which displays the light grey #F7F7F7), selected white, took screen shot.

Take a look at the selected element and you’ll see the color is gray while the BgColor has changed in the little square to white. Unselecting the element and selecting it back does set the BgColor to light grey again. Note it is working for any other color. Changing Opacity to 0 results in turning it into white to the eye, but of course, it would be just a workaround.


I know why 🙂

I bet you are using the “Mac OS X” UI theme for your plot. Some elements that belong to “Widget” category have different look in different UI themes, and the GroupFrame is one of them. For this kind of elements, if you haven’t explicitly change the background color (or you set its background to its default value), the actual background color will be taken from the UI theme.

In your case, the default background color of GroupFrame is white, so if you set its background color to white, its actual color will be taken from the UI theme, which is light gray.

The reason why we implement it like this, is to get best performance when switching the UI theme of plot. It is not perfect, but it works in the major of cases.

In your case you can workaround it by setting opacity to 0 or setting the background color to #FEFEFE.


Oh ok. Hmm… So this makes me wonder if it would make sense to be able to set whether I want a color to be a theme default or I want to override it.

Actually, a similar behavior already exists for the table’s AltColor which can be set to default by clicking in the square with the red cross or overriden.


The default value of AltColor is “transparent”, which is that square with read cross means.

The correct way to restore all parameters to default value is to click this button at bottom to reload the style.


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