when run simulation the foreui.js is not created correctly (0 KB).

Program Version: 4.10
Plot: Check Weather Demo

On a fix I would be very happy.

best regards
Klaus Markert

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Staff March 23, 2016

Hi, the “Check Weather” example is quite old and it works on ForeUI V3.80 SP1 ~ V3.90 SP2.

The reason that V4.0+ doesn’t support this plot is that, V4.0 changes the syntax of expression (introducing TEXT and STRING modes) and could not fully convert the old expression to new format. We did a lot of work in V4.0 for backward compatibility. However it couldn’t cover all the cases. For some plot files that heavily use expression, it is hard to get them right without manually fixings.

The workaround is to download V3.90 SP2 from this page and use it to load the plot.

If you create your own plot on V4.0, you wouldn’t meet the same problem, as long as you write the expression correctly.


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