Setting default font size of plot prevents smaller font size of individual text in plot in 4.0 beta. Set default plot font size to 12, tried to change both with the spinner and entered directly for individual item and it won’t change to size smaller than default.  OS X Yosemite 

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Staff August 7, 2015

Thanks for reporting. I think there is something wrong with the font size, but what I saw is a little different than your description. On my side, it is possible to set the font size of spinner to a smaller value than default plot font size. But I can not set the spinner font size to 11, every time it reaches 11, it jumps back to the default plot font size.

Could you check again to see if it is the same on your end? Thanks.


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Could you check again to see if it is the same on your end? Thanks.



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What is the default font size in Matplotlib?
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Is it the same with a newer OS? Bing


 can I set the font size argument, figsize change how Matplotlib treats fonts in general, or even change the figure size? albany ny tree stumps


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