Using a menubar element, how can i make each link to point to certain elements?

For now, i can set link for whole menu bar not for a single menu item.



Ameet M

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Staff August 15, 2015

Hi Ameet,

The menubar is one element, while the items inside are not standalone elements. You will need to define behavior for the entire menu bar, then use a branch for each item, like this:


Hi Vivi,

I tried as per the solution given by you , but when I run the simulation on clicking on the menu bar it doesn’t display any message. 

I am using ForeUI 4.0 beta version



Ameet M


  1. ViVi Staff August 19, 2015
    It should work. Please download my .4ui file and compare with yours:

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 So the name of the property appeal as the initial name and type(property1 and string).I tried to modify the name and type of the property, but it can’t change to edit mode. Can you get it?The OS is Windows 10 and ForeUI version 4.40SP1.

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Therefore, the initial name and type of the property appeal to the name of the property (property1 and string). I attempted to dordle change the name of the property as well as the type of it, but the mode selection would not let me. Can you get it? Windows 10 and ForeUI version 4.40SP1 are the operating systems. In addition, this is an excellent blog that contains a lot of information that is very useful. Do not let the good work that you are doing here slip away.



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