Hello ! The Check for updates and the Rescource Sharing Option do not work on my Computer. I’m going through a Proxy Server, but Java itself can connect without a problem and your sites are Whitelisted. After a short while it says Connection Error.

Loggin in and Upload of a Resource do not Work too.

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This is the Message


The communit site is, have you add it to your whitelist?


Yes. I added it directly to the whiteli and i can surf on this site, but somehow the Programm does not make ANY connection outside. And i dont even have a Firewall. 🙁


That’s odd… The case you described looks like the firewall forbid JVM to access internet, but if you don’t have firewall, how could this happen…

BTW, if we can not find a way to make it work, you can still visit the site in browser and download its resource. But you will need to import them manually.


Thanks, but i wanted to send something to you. The import isn’t that importand, cause as you already said it can be done manually. I will transmit this problem now to helpdesk. They have to figure it out since on my collegues computer it does work.


Hi, could you give me details about the connection, which the programme creates ? Is it Port 80 ? Can you tell me what Protocol you are using ? Thanks in Advance


Hi Thorsten, the protocol is HTTP and the port is 80, we use XMLRPC to connect to the remote website.


Thanks. IT now has solved the Problem (NTLM V2 does not work with Java)

I already have uploaded an Element to your Resource Sharing. Great !


That’s cool 🙂


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