Will it somehow be possible to store a Custom Event and thereby use is across Plot files?

Or will the Custom Event always be attached to the Element for which you are writing the behaviour?

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Custom event is global within a plot, but can not be shared by different plot files.

You can define custom event handler in any element or in the page action. You can invoke the event handler from any element, just make sure the event name is correct. If you define several handlers for one custom event, all these handlers will be invoked.


Btw, I can cut and copy a Custom Event, but where/how can I paste it?


You can paste the custom event handler to any element or page.

But usually you don’t need to do this. The custom event handler is shared globally, you can trigger the custom event anywhere. The only case that need to cut&paste the custom event handler is when you want to move it to another place (and don’t want to re-define it).


Ok, I think I get it.

Final question: How do I rename a Custom Event?

It is a very nice feature btw! 🙂


So far there is no way to rename the custom event… You can copy its child nodes and paste to another custom event.

We will add the rename feature soon.


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