After updating to version 4 of ForeUI I am having an issue when I export my plots.

The exported HTML 5 plots are launching the wrong initial page to the interface, and I have been unable to find how to correct the issue.

Instead of Page 1 (which is my interface shell) launching, it is immediately launching Page 4.

Any suggestions?

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Staff August 6, 2015

Hi Matthew, V4.0 changes nothing about the initial page of the HTML5 exporting. I guess there is a “Go to Page” action in your behavior definition, which automatically switchs to page 4 when first page get loaded. To check that, please search “Go to Page” in the search box in the behavior editor, and review the highlighted behaviors.

  1. Hi Vivi,I have scrubbed through each page and each behavior, and I cannot determine why I still have a page popping up on initial HTML load.Is there a way I can send you my plot file to see if you can see where the error is?
  2. ViVi Staff September 18, 2015
    Hi Matthew, you can send file to support [at] Please mention the expected and actual behavior in the email, thanks.

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