Does anyone have a template for creating a tri-state checkbox custom control? (or importing one from somewhere)?  I need to use many of them in trees such that

  • If I click the checkbox in a parent item the children are all checked/unchecked appropriately 
  • If I check or uncheck a child the parent goes checked/unchecked/into the third state depending on if all/none/ some of the children are checked.




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Staff August 4, 2015

Hi Roy,

Creating such a custom element and embed it into tree element will be a lot of work. I would suggest you to use the jqxTree element from the jQWidgets library.

Here is an example for using jQWidgets element in ForeUI, and it happens to have jqxTree element in the 3rd tab in the window:

You can firstly click the “Preview” to see if the jqxTree element is what you want, and then learn how to make it by checking out the plot file.


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When I check a parent item’s checkbox, the children are all properly checked or unchecked. – deck builders auckland


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