I am currently working on a prototype that is giving me problems running the simulation. It appears that after restarting ForeUI, it works one time as expected, and from there on, there is always at least one table giving me trouble by showing   or other markup code in the table.


Mail me if you need the .4ui file.

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Hi, it is a bug that already confirmed (Bug_0126), we will fix it in 2.0. This bug does not exist in V1.85.

Workaround in V1.90, this bug is caused by not cleaning the environment after the export, so it can work for the first time. After that, you must close and reopen the plot to avoid the problem.


Thanks for your answer Xavier. I will wait for version 2.0 then, and in the meantime I will keep restarting ForeUI.


Bug_0126 has been fixed in V2.00


Indeed, I can confirm that. Thanks!


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