Copy and pasting components is essential (particularly when creating forms with similar fields and spacings). However, from time to time I start pasting images instead of components.

I can see this because I can not resize properly, nor select the inner components and the “Select:” field in the tools panel displays “ImageBox_1”.

The feature might be useful but 99% users will be expecting to copy/paste components, not images. Despite of this bug, which randomly changes the pasting behaviour, I believe pasting (ctrl / cmd + V) should paste components always but there should be added a new option in the Edit menu to allow pasting as image.

Note: I can not tell the steps to reproduce the issue but I face it daily. I’m using mac’s native look & feel, if it makes any difference. Pasting from the menu, popup menu or cmd + v results in the same behaviour. Maybe switching pages is related: I was pasting properly in the current page, then I wanted to copy / paste from the current page to a different one and got the image pasted in the other one… once I got back to the original page I kept getting images pasted in the original page too.

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I am using ForeUI on Mac OS everyday, also with the Mac native look and feel. But I haven’t seen this issue yet. I am afraid we could do nothing until we find out the steps to reproduce it.


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