I’m trying to select elements from the Please Pick the Elements dialog and then copy & paste them or otherwise interact with them. But since that dialog is a completely separate window from the app, it steals focus away from the app and no longer lets me do functions like copy & paste.

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This dialog will be modified to “Outline” docking view in the coming V3.0.

We will try to make the “pick element->copy->paste” use case working at the time.


Cool, thanks! Any idea on when 3.0 is coming out? I just started using this product, and I really enjoy it. It’s better than all the other ones I tried out there.. But there’s a lot of annoying things about it that you say are coming in 3.0 that I would love to have soon.

Also, selecting an element that is in a group is next to impossible without using the pick elements dialog. The only reason I use the pick elements dialog is because element selecting is horrible right now. Can you please fix that before 3.0?


The 3.0 beta should be available at the beginning of 2012.

Selecting element in a group is possible: the first time you clicking on that element may select the entire group, then you click on it again and the embedded element will be selected (highlighted with light blue border).


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