I have a group that is initially hidden. I want to click a button and then display the loading indicator (Ajax style) with a lightbox effect. I’ve tried the loop/while statement with no luck.

I’d like the loading indicator to show (visible state) for 5 seconds and then go away (hidden state) which would then reveal a report.

Any idea how to get such behavior?


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Hi Ed, there are many approaches to achieve this. The most straight forward one is to use the “Pause” action. As shown in figure below:

Another recommended approach is to place the loading indicator in a separated page. When the button is clicked, switch to the loading page, in the “Page Loaded” event handler of that page, pause 5 seconds and then switch to report page.

As for why conditional looping does not work as expected. It is a kind of complicated. Because of the limitation of current implementation, the sibling action of a loop will be executed collaterally with the loop. This behavior will most probably be changed in V3.0, so just avoid using it for now.


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