When inserting a new page, I would really like that the page is inserted below the active page instead of as the last page.

Today I often have to move the page up by clicking multiple times on the up-arrow, and it would be a nice improvement if I could avoid this.

In a previous post I wrote about the same issue in relation to copying a page. You have fixed that already, and I hope you can fix this as well :) 

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Staff February 6, 2018

We did consider this before. The main reason that we didn’t do it, is the default naming of the new page. If you select page 1 and add a new page (which is named “Page 5″), and it is placed between Page 1 and Page 2, that will look weird.


How about this?

  • You show the page indexes in the list of pages
  • New pages are not given a name
  • When adding a new page, the new page is placed below the active page, and the page indexes are automatically updated (as it happens today)
  • The user can give the new page a name, if he wants to

I have made a mock-up that illustrates it:

Staff February 7, 2018

When creating a new plot, quickly adding a few pages will get “Page 1″, “Page 2″, “Page 3″ and so on, can’t say they are very meaningful but they are better than nothing. 

We prefer to make smaller change instead. For example, if user select a page in the middle and add new page, the new page will be inserted after the selected page, and has default title “New Page”. If user select the last page and add new page, the new page will be appended and it has default title “Page ?”, as it behaves now.

  1. Your solution will fix my problem, which is good :) However, I'm not a big fan of inconsistency, and your solution might confuse some users.

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