A long time ago, the text box in the “Manipulate Elements’ dialog was predictive (made suggestions while you were typing). Then you changed it, and made the text box in the ‘Select Elements to Manipulate…’ dialog predictive instead.

Could you please make the text box in the “Manipulate Elements’ predictive again?

Often I know the name of the element and I would like to write it directly instead of opening the ‘Select Elements to Manipulate…’ dialog.

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Hi Ulrich, I think you were talking about the “Select element to manipulate…” dialog, which could help you to complete your input.

This feature is still there, we just have not implemented the same feature for the “Manipulate Elements…” dialog yet. We will make it later, I think it shouldn’t be difficult.


Ok, that would be great!


It is implemented in 3.70 🙂


It does not work quite as expected… :o/

When the “suggestion list” appears, focus disappears from the text field and that prevents me from writing the name of the element.


1. I have a TextBox_1 in my plot

2. I add a button that should “Operate” on the TextBox

3. When I write “Te” in the “Maniplulate Elements” dialog the suggetion list appears and focus is no longer in the text field.

Please test it again.


Thanks Ulrich, we have fixed it and released minor update V3.70 SP1 for it.


Thanks for super fast response! 🙂


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