In my company all internet access must be done via proxy.

Even though proxy is configured in my java control panel, it seems that ForeUI tries to connect directly without proxy.

For example, when I start ForeUI I get this error popup (see attached image)

Resource sharing is not working as well.

Please fix this…

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Hi Kfir Dadosh,

We will provide proxy configuration in the settings window of ForeUI.


That would be great!


Not sure it is related to the proxy issue but trying to download resources resulted in an error dialog box with the message “Network Error”

  1. Hi Steven, you can try visiting <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a&gt; in your web browser, if your web browser can load this site without proxy, ForeUI should be able to download resources without proxy.

The proxy settings are provided in V2.25


Fixed my problem indeed.
Thanks a lot.


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