In a prototype I’m creating, the user must double-click on a certain row in a table to open a modal dialog showing details about that specific row. That is basically not a problem to create in ForeUI, but…

In simulation when you double-click a row in a table, the text you double-click upon gets selected. I’m working with prototypes for a Java-client and not web, and this behaviour makes is a bit harder to simulate a Java-client running on a Windows based PC. The Table element is better at simulating a web based table.

Is there some way to make the text unselectable and thereby avoid this?

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Maybe we can add a new option to set the table text unselectable.

Meanwhile you can also use transparent hotspot (rectangle) to cover each row of table, the hotspot will handle the double click and set the table selection, avoid selecting the text in table.


In V2.00, we’ve made the text in table unselectable. In case we need to select and copy the table text, just start selecting from the table header.


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