1. I select an element an open the Behaviour dialog

2. I copy the actions and close the dialog

3. I select another element an open the behavior dialog

4. I paste the actions

The problem is, that only the top-level of the “action-tree” is shown. I have to close the dialog and open it again to see the entire action tree structure. There is some kind of refresh-problem.


1. I copy

Element Clicked

Go to Page 2

2. I paste it, but now it is shown as

Element Clicked

The “Go to Page 2” is not shown until I close the dialog and open it again.

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One of our customers have reported this via email, it is a regression in V2.27. This will be fixed in next version.

Reason: the pasted events are collapsed by default, you can select the event and expand it by pressing the right arrow key.


Ok, I had not thought of that 🙂


Bug_0202 is fixed in V2.30


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