Hi, I’m working on some custom elements and have been since last week. This morning, we upgraded to 2.20 and it looks like it may have introduced some strange behavior with the simulation. I’m seeing additional lines in the simulation that aren’t present on the plot. It wasn’t doing this last week when we were on 2.17. I can send you my plot file if you would like to see.

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Hi pohldoug, please send your plot file to We need it for investigation, thanks.


I have sent the file. I’m on XP and IE7.


Thanks for the plot file. This is confirmed as a bug that only occur in IE.

The bug is reported as Bug_0185, and will be fixed in next version.

Before the bug fixing is released, the workaround would be: do not use line elements with width or height that less than 20 pixels.


Bug_0185 is fixed in V2.22


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