Hello dear ForeUI team,

first of all I want to thank you for the latest V3.005, which addressed a bunch of issues.

In ForeUI editor resizing the Group element will also resize all its children, which makes sense.

However in the Simulation the “resize action” on the Group element does not affect its children.

I don ́t know, if this behavior is desired, but it is at least confusing, because this differs from what I experience in the editor.

I would appreciate your opinion on this issue.

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Hi Oleg,

I have the same feeling like yours. Resizing the Group itself in simulation seems useless.

The reason that it works like that for now, is that we treat all containers in the same way. Group is a kind of container, but it should have different behavior than other containers. Resizing other containers will not affect their children, while resizing Group should resize its content as well.

So I think it is a feature/enhancement that needs to be implemented in future version. Thanks for raising this topic.


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