Can I use ForeUI for create responsive website in example I can not resize browser. exam :… not support responsive.

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Hi nichekeys, I am not sure if I understand you right.

My understanding is that, being responsive means you can click some elements and they will response for your input. On this aspect, ForeUI does very good job on creating interactive prototype/web app/website.

If you wish to implement a website that can automatically adapt your web browser size (just like the example you mentioned). It will take more effect as you will need to resize some elements according to the {SCREEN_WIDTH} and {SCREEN_HEIGHT} system properties.

Actually in the major of cases, just “center” the content of your website should be enough, and you don’t have to resize the content.


I use jquery mobile is perfect to automatic adjust screen automatic when run any mobile & tablet screen size. but ForeUI can not adjust screen automatic for any sreen size. please , see picture.

  1. I get your point now. The HTML5 simulation doesn't fit the screen size automatically. Like I said, at least for now this will need to be done by resizing some elements according to screen size.

    Would be great to have it done automatically though, we will consider that as a feature request. Thanks.

In the fureture You can use break point size screen for auto adjust.

please, see video…

I have happy when you add it to next version.


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