How to rotate the element?

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Hi Jude,

Currently only the Triangle element can be rotated.

The ImageBox element may support rotation in the future, is that what you want?


We should be able to rotate any element. This would be handy feature.


Usually you could create prototype without roating element. If you do need to rotate a button or something, you can do it via third-party painting tool (copy element and paste into the tool). However the element will be converted to image if you do so.

From technical view, rotated element may not be properly converted to HTML, so only very limited elements support this.


Hi, Xavier,

Is it possible to fix this for labels / text ? Sometimes i need to prototype large tables with vertical header columns …

  1. Hi Nick, we will consider adding this "rotate" feature. It will actually convert the element to image in the background, just save the time to do the convertion in third-party tool.

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