I was not able to find a Search and Replace text within the application – For example, we have used a certain term across 50-60 screens – Now we want to change the term to something else – There seems to be no place to do this from .. It looks like we have to go to each screen individually and change the Text.

Is there an easy (or tough) way to do this ?

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As I remember the search feature is in our TODO list but batch replacement is not included. Let’s wait Xavier to confirm this.


As I remember the search feature is in our TODO list but batch replacement is not included. Let’s wait Xavier to confirm this.


Thank you for your response .. Do let me know if there are any workarounds at this point .. for eg: Opening the file in binary & fiddling with it ?

  1. The .4ui file is a ZIP file actually, so you can try editing the "foreui_plot.xml" file inside (which is an xml file and can be edited with text editor). Please backup your file before modifying it.

Hi there, I’m releasing a new product called Looksie (Windows only) very soon.

In the first release, you can generate Plot documentation using a Report Designer, Word, or Excel templates.

You’ll also be able to quickly generate Plots from various sources, starting with databases, followed by websites.

Underlying this is a library that fully manipulates 4UI files. I always intended to provide a bulk search/replace addin for ForeUI files, but I could bring this feature forward.

Please go to for details.

Whilst you can download a BETA version of Looksie now, I would wait till the next update, that I expect to release around August 3rd.

I should be able to slip in a bulk text search/replace feature by then.


Yes the searching feature is in the list already, while the replacing feature is not. We understand the replacing feature is useful, but we haven’t found the good way to provide this feature yet.

As for workaround, the suggestions from ViVi and Tim are both considerable.


I used ViVi’s suggetion of tweaking the XML file – & that seemed to work ! .. Thank you very much .. (It was a little messy – but it got the job done) ..
Ideally you should add this feature to your ToDo list as it could prove to be very useful .. (Not sure, what implementation issues you would face though — If you had a list of all objects in the plot – including your “Text” objects, should it not be an easy task to update those values ? Or at the least, you could offer a command line utility that could do the search & replace – by simply doing the replacements in the XML file programmatically – rather than the user having to do it himself .. ) – Just my thoughts …
Hope you add this feature to a later version … Thanks though for the assistance !


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