Hi All


I need to post a simulation on my web site for a client. Problem is the elements have moved significantly from their position in the foreUI app and it looks terrible (see highlighted area below)


Anyone got any ideas on how to resolve this?

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Staff July 2, 2017

This problem comes from the font used by ForeUI and that used by the web browser. According to the screenshot, it seems the “bold” font is not used by the web browser.

If you know how to use web debugging tools, you can inspect that text element in web browser and see what font it actually uses.

Alternatively you can change the font used in ForeUI and see if the result will be better.

It is always a good idea to use popular font (such Arial) in ForeUI’s element, otherwise your clients’ web browser may not have that font installed and the simulation could look different.

  1. Thanks. will give it a try

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