Hi team,

1. Dismissing editor on lost focus

If you are editing a table and switch to another Plot tab, certain keyboard/mouse controls don’t work until you close the table editor – Pg Up/Down, context menu on a page etc

The table editor should be dismissed/closed when focus is moved away.

2. Tabbing between cells

Great if you can use Tab/Shift Tab key to cycle through cells instead of having to click the next cell you want to go to

3. Cell Selection

When changing to another cell, the entire content is initially highlighted. When you start typing, the text is entered at the start instead of replacing the currently selected text. Standard behaviour is to replace highlighted text. If you don’t want to do that, use the arrow keys or click a particular position.

Basically it would be nice if text handling conformed to standard editing principles.

4. Row/Column deletion

Not a big deal, but when deleting a row or column, the previous or next row should be highlighted, currently no row has focus once a row has been deleted. Sometimes I want to delete a block of rows, and it is a bit painful – delete, click next row, delete.. etc



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Hi Tim,

Thanks for the suggestions.

1. Dismissing editor on lost focus
It is a bug in the hotkey processing, we will try to have this fixed instead of dismissing the editor when switching the plot tab.

2. Tabbing between cells
I Agree.

3. Cell Selection
It seems another bug. The designed behavior should be: not allow editing cell content until double clicking the cell.

4. Row/Column deletion
I Agree.

Also we have planed the enhancement to allow clearing the content of selected cell by pressing DELETE or BACKSPACE key.


Thanks Xavier, but if I understand your response to #3, that is not ideal.

2+3. Tabbing + Cell Selection
I’d like to be able to tab between cells and start typing straight away without using the mouse. This is how I’m used to it in apps like MS Word. On initial entry of the cell all the text is highlighted so I can just overwrite by typing, otherwise I use the arrow keys to move to desired position.

It’s possible others would prefer the cell contents not to be highlighted on initial entry, and instead have the caret positioned at beginning or end of text.


Hi Tim, I understand your preference and we have the same preference actually. However it is quite difficult to implement: currently the “highlighted” state is not equal to the “editing” state, you can highlight several cells at a time (to delete row/column or change their text alignment), but you could not edit mutiple cells at the same time.

Currently the “auto start editing” behavior is introduced by JRE 6 (so it does not exist if you use JRE 5), and it could not fully work as we expected.

To improve this behavior need to work a lot, so we will have this fixed as bug (disable auto start editing) at this time and put the enhancement into the list.



5. Ability to move rows up and down, and columns left and right – huge time saver.


6. Adding/maintaining elements in table while editing table. At the moment adding many elements into a table is time consuming and fiddly.


7. Copy and paste support for elements embedded in the table.


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