I started the ForeUI 3.0 beta demo this week from to check out the new changes. I currently have ForeUI 2.8 installed on my desktop, and the license key is over 1 year old.

After messing around with the demo and going back to my installed version, I noticed that my license information has been removed. Thankfully I was able to locate the original email with the license in it, and it still works fine.

But, I was really surprised that just running the demo would expire my installed license.

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Hi Mark,

The web demo has the same binary code with the downloaded version, and it is just running in web browser as a Java applet. Since it uses the same system with the installed version for license checking, so it will replace the old license when it is not applicable.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you forget your key one day, feel free to ask us.


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