I would like to make a button with the Icon above the text, like in the MS Ribbon. Is this possible?

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So far the button element only support horizontal placement. You can use an empty button, a text label and an image element to make such a button.

We will also provide such a customized element in next version (which will be released tomorrow).


This vertical button element is included in V1.32.


Seems to me this should just be an option in a button, not a group of other controls. If I group it I can move it, but then I can not edit the text. Also the default vertical button has left aligned text.


We just check it, you are right, after grouping the elements, double clicking event will be taken by the empty button. So this customized element is not good enough. We will provide the option to make vertical button ASAP.


The options are provided in V1.35.


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