I dont mean to sound dumb but what exactly can you do with this program it looks interesting but im lost can you make it do commands like click here to modify something in windows.

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Well, I can offer some scenarios that you can use this tool:

Scenario 1: You need a new personal homepage, and your friends want to make it for you. But you feel hard to describe what your new homepage should look like; you can use ForeUI to “draw” a draft of your homepage and send to your friends, your friends will have your idea and be easier to create your homepage.

Scenario 2: You have a software company and your client ask if your company could make new software for them, but they are not sure what they need at this time. You can use ForeUI to create several pages of the software UI, with some comments of the functionality, and then review it with your clients together; it will be much easier to make clear what they actually need in this way.

ForeUI is growing fast, it will also support multiple pages slide show and interactive simulatiion soon.


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