I would like to see a “Recent plots” menu item in the File menu. I now have to navigate to the plot manually every time.

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Currently we’ve provided twp butttons named “Recent File…” and “Recent Folder…” in the open file dialog to help you quickly navigate to the plot.


Ok great, didn’t look for it there. Still think the logical place would be in the file menu, but this absolutely helps.



The “recent files” and “recent folder” settings are not “remembered” through updates. I suspect it stores the settings in the application folder itself instead of in a preferences file under ~/Library/Preferences.

This also applies to the question if I want to subscribe to the newsletter.


Yes, we save the settings in the application folder. It is common for Windows app but not a good way for OS X app.
Maybe we can move the configuration folder when working in OS X.


The “Recent Plots” in menu is implemented in V2.17


Much better!


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