I’m using XP look for one very strong reason: the TabSet with tabs on top looks very much like what we’re accustomed to on the Web … and that counts a lot for me.

But the 2 buttons I’m using have a very feeble response to MouseOver i.e. a little sliver of yellow. In contrast to this, menus show a solid block of blue, which is very nice.

Is there some way to give my buttons that appearance?

Even if “Change Appearance” was added to the Add Action menu, that would work!

For reference:

BTW: when I Run Simulation using XP I get that mouseover behaviour, but when I do so using OS X I get the lovely OnClick Appearance, but no response to MouseOver.

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Hi Bentrem,

Yes the simulation of tabs is not perfect yet, it is kind of simplified and the MouseOver is ignored. We may consider improving this, but it will not come soon.

There are some hacks to achieve your aim, but a little complicated. The main idea are two steps:
Step 1: place transparent Rectangle on top of each tab, as “Hot Areas”
Step 2: handle the “MouseOver” event of each Hot Area, show an Image or TextBox between the tab and the Hot Area.

Thus the Image or TextBox shown on step 2 will reprensent a different look of the tab.

BTW, If you use the “Button” element, it will have good response to the MouseOver event. You may also consider creating customized element to simulate what you need.


Yepp yepp … okie dokie … things are working, with all that.
And yes, creating a HotSpot is indeed a good work-around.

As for Button responsiveness: for some reason the DHTML version is spot on, responding very nicely to MouseOver.
And yes, I thought of that … Day 2 and I’m into creating Custom Elements, yippee! *G*

p.s. I’ve discovered 2 areas where my initial design was functional, but very suboptimal. One of them, for example: Hidding/Revealing individual text boxes in a stack rather than having 1 and changing its contents. Wonderful stuff, Xavier!


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