Hello there, I could need some help or suggestions.

Some idea how I could create a pie menue with the single segments clickable?

Or is it possible to draw costum clickable elements that are not rectangular?

Thanks a lot for any ideas!

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You could consider using an image as background and place some transparent rectangles over it as clickable items. However the items’ shape are not perfectly fit the menu background.


Thanks a lot for your answer. I already tried that but the result wasn’t exectly what I need. Or is there a way how I could rotate rectangles?
I also tried to use triangles but the problem is that the clickable areas always overlap at the center of the “circle”, but that’s exactly what I want to point out in the prototype. If you place an object in the middle you have very short mouse ways.

  1. It is a known limitation, which is hard to overcome. The clickable areas are always rectangle as they will be coverted to HTML elements in simulation.
  2. Yeah that's what I imagened. Implement a kind of area maps in ForeUI would be a very nice feature. But I don't know if that's technically possible at all.
    For now I found a little work around, placing simply rectangles as menue around the element. I hope that will do the job for presentation. Thank's so far for your help!

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