Hey Xavier,

I was poking around the forum looking at some annotation stuff, and there are already some great ideas potentially for v3.0. I have an additional one for consideration, that would perhaps work in tandem with those already suggested. It would be cool if there was a “layer” that sat “above” the ui that was specifically reserved for annotations. And I could turn that layer on/off from the dev environment as well as the simulation. That way, it’s there when I want it, gone when I don’t.

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Hi pohldoug,

Thanks for the suggestion. In V3.0, any element can be marked as “Annotation”, and you will be able to show/hide these annotation elements altogether. I think that actually covers your requirements, the elements that marked as “Annotation” are equivalently belongs to a virtual “annotation layer”, and it is easier to understand.

  1. I have v3.0 but I don't see the Annotation option when I have a Post-It Note element selected

Will it be possible to toggle these annotations in simulation?

  1. Yes. There will be a tool bar in simulation that allows you to show/hide annoations.
  2. I do not see anything on the tool bar during simulation to show/hide annotations
  3. Hi Dell, this feature is postponed and the design is changed a little bit. This feature will allow you to show/hide elements by tag (of course it can be "annotation" tag). The featuew should be available from V3.1.

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