It would be great when there would be a way that used Images could be updated to the newer version on harddisk.

For sample, i have an Background-Image and the designer makes a new version of the background-image. now it would be perfekt if i just have to replace the file on my harddisk whitch i take for ForeUI and ForeUI would update the image in the image Dock.

perhaps ask me if i wish to use the newer version of the image in the plot or not.

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Currently ForeUI will create a copy of the image file in its workspace when you import an image file to plot. This is to ensure the image file will be safely available when the plot is saved or export to DHTML.

There is no direct link between the plot file and the original image file: the plot file does not store the absolute path for original image file. So it is hard to detect the changes on the orginal image file.


this workspace is a folder on the harddisk? then i could change the image there.

new Idea: i can set an image folder for the plot. there ForeUI looks for new images and list all image-files of this filder in the dock.

the files in the dock are copys of the files in the imagefolder, so that ForeUI can see if files changes and ask the user if he want to update or add as new image to the dock.


Yes the workspace is a folder on your harddisk. By default it should be “[UserDir]/.foreui” directory, while the [UserDir] is your user directory. In Windows XP, it should be “C:Documents and Settings[uname].foreui”; In Windows Vista/7, it should be “C:Users”; In Mac OS X, it should be “/Users”.

You can change the image in the directory, but it will not take effect until you save the plot and reopen it again, since the image has been loaded into memory at the first time you import it.

The “synchronize folder” idea looks interesting. However it is not easy to implement under the current design: ForeUI plot file save image files as “1.png”, “2.gif” etc., it does not store the original file name. Not to mention the file in the folder could be renamed or deleted. It is not easy for a Java application to monitor the file operations.


1. thanks now i will find the folder

2. in ForeUI could be a button to refresh the images

3. could there not be a table with the original name and size to compare?

  1. Since editing images in workspace might cause unexpected problem, that is not a recommended approach. So we will not add the button the refresh the image as well.

    We regard the .4ui file as a cross-platform project file for ForeUI, so we do not store any absolute path into it.

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