Hi all,

Just bought 2 licences! Loving this tool.

But .. questions:

I’m creating a bunch of combo boxes, and some of them have almost 30 items .. but, they drop off the screen, depending on the size of the browser 🙁

is there anyway to force a combo box to scroll?



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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the buying 🙂

Currently the ComboBox element dose not support the scrolling feature. We will consider adding a “Popup Height” property to limit the size of popup list (and scroll if content is too big).

So far the Table element is the only one that really support scrolling. You can also make a “scrollable combobox” with TextBox and Table etc.


Thanks Xavier,

Ok, well, that’s a workable solution, and allows me the same behaviours as the combo-box .. but, that’s a lot of overhead to create it ..

I suppose I could make my own custom element (actually i will) .. it’s just that i’ve already build the interactions for most of my combo boxes already 🙁

i guess it won’t be so painful to redo it .. i just wish i had noticed this before i started ..

actually, i’m wondering why you suggested to use TextBox?

my thinking is that I can add an empty combo-box with only one option (the default selected one) and below that place a table (no header, no borders) with all my options.

I’ll set the height of that table to force the scrolling, and set it to hidden

then, Define my actions so that on click of the real combo box, set the table to visible, and on selection change, update the value of the real combo box to match the value of the selected table row?

is that not possible? do I actually need a TextBox in each table row so that I can pull that value? ouch ..

if so, please provide real scrolling combo boxes soon 🙂




Hi Jeremy,

Your solution can work. The only problem is: the default ComboBox item can be highlighted when mouse is hovering on it, while the Table element dosen’t have this behavior… The Menu element can highlight item as well but it doesn’t support scrolling…

I didn’t mean to use TextBox in each table row, actually I recommend to use TextBox to replace the ComboBox element in your solution. Thus all items in your popup list will not be highlighted for mouse hovering, that is not perfect but consistent.

Anyway, providing a real scrolling ComboBox by us will be the best solution, but you need to wait 🙂


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