I’ve downloaded some of the shared resources, and my problem is, that if I delete a ressouce from the elements library (to the left inside ForeUI), the deleted elements is back in the library when I restart ForeUI.

Another issue is that, the scrollbar is “too long”. The element library is much higher than necessary meaning that when I scroll all the way down, there are no elements shown. It a mimor bug but still a bug 🙂

Btw, the issues are not related to 2.15 but appeared a couple of version before 2.15.

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Hi Ulrich, that’s really strange…

I just try it on my PC but neither of the problems can be reproduced. Are they always reproduceable on your side?


Yes, they are reproduceable.

Maybe I should un-install, remove all files that are left in the Easynth folder and then re-install (and remember to back-up custom elemens first!)

Usually I just install the new version on top of the old one.


I always install new version on top of the old one 🙂

But still not able to reproduce the problems…


Ok, I’ll check if a “totally clean” installation will fix it 🙂


I’ve just uninstalled ForeUI, deleted the EaSynth folder, rebooted and then reinstalled.

The bug in still there. And the shared ressources I download some time ago are shown in the elements library – even in a fresh installation.

Is there some folder outisde of the Program Files > EaSynth that I could delete to make a completely fresh installaton?


Hi Ulrich, the “C:Documents and SettingsUserName.foreuiconffce_list.xml” file is the one that control the element library.


I’ll be getting a fresh installation of Windows on my computer within a week, so I’ll hit “This solves the problem” and leave this issue for now.

I’ll get back to you if I run into it again,


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