Version 3.0 RC

The new toggle buttons to the left and right of the work area have some mouse over effects. The problem is that the look and feel of the buttons change in total random order.

– Sometimes they seem pressed.

– Sometimes they have an mouse-over effect

– Sometimes more than 1 button seems pressed

OS: Windows 7

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Hi Ulrich,

Could you show us a screen shot for that? On my side them seems ok.

BTW, it is possible to have more than one button pressed, if you drag one button into another view, they will be combinated and both buttons will be pressed.


In this screenshot Find, Outline and Images seem pressed, but Elements is the active one… and that is not pressed:

Here I just clicked the Tools button and the other two buttons gets pressed:


I just reproduced it in Windows 7, it only happens when using the system look and feel instead of EaSynth look and feel.

We will check it. Thanks for reporting.


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