In version 3.0 RC the right border of Textboxes are sometimes invisible. Resizing the Textbox makes the right border appear.

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It only happens in the editor.

I run ForeUI with System Look and Feel (Windows 7).


Hi Ulrich,

Do you still remember how to reproduce this problem?

It seems not easy to reproduce by just resizing the TextBox.


Well, it happens quite often. I don’t do anything to reproduce it. Some Textboxes are just shown without the right border.

Resizing the textbox is not causing the problem – it solves it… 🙂


I guess it happens on the plot that created with ForeUI V2? I can not reproduce it in new plot that created with V3.

In V2, sometimes the element width or height is not integer, which might be the reason that cause this problem.


Yes, it happens in a file that I created in version 2.x

It is a big issue for me if I cannot continue working on my 2.x files without problems… I don’t have the time to recreate them in 3.0.

Could you think of some way to convert the 2.x files so they don’t cause problems in 3.0?


We will check it and let you know the progress.


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