New Feature: nested master page supported.

New Feature: display and edit element id in tool pane.

New Feature: remember the behavior editor window size.

Enhancement: window element become interactive (draggable, close button works).

Enhancement: window title bar can have its icon.

Enhancement: improve the way to generated element id and simplify the id format.

Enhancement: allow changing the group z-index.

Enhancement: move configure date to preference folder.

Enhancement: change GroupFrame minimun size to 20×20.

Enhancement: support smaller calendar (minimum size to 120×120).

Fixed Bug_0085: “Selected & Disabled” radio button or checkbox gets enabled on hover.

Fixed Bug_0086: Should ignore elements with lower z-index when move or show/hide element with “Include elements within the area” option.

Fixed Bug_0087: Go to page action on first page loaded does not work.

New Demo: Drag Window

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