I think ForeUI is the only app I’ve used where element selection is included in the undo/redo history stack, and I don’t want selection to be tracked.

Only element modifications should be in the history – what do others think?

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IMHO it is not a big deal… as long as the undo can restore the status before the action.

Actually I don’t use undo too much. Opinions are welcome.


I actually prefer the selections to be part of the history.

When adjusting the placement of an element I:
1. Select the element
2. Use the arrow keys to move
3. Click somewhere else to see the final placement (it can be difficult to see the exact placement when the element is selected).
4. If it is not exactly where I want it, I press CRTL + Z to select it again and move it some more with the arrow keys.

Please, don’t remove the selection from the undo history. It’s very useful! 🙂


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