In the “Defined behaviors” dialog you can resize the width of the Notes area.

The problem is, that the width is not remembered when creating a new plot.

I don’t use the Notes functionality and have minimized the width of the Notes area completely to have more space for the “code”.

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Hello Ulrich, I could not reproduce this issue. I tried to have the behavior editor docked or undocked, it always remember the notes area’s width. Could you tell us the steps for reproducing it? Thanks.


Something is not right here.

If I repeatedly hide and show the Defined Behaviours dialog the size of the Notes area changes between 3 different sizes… If I then close ForeUI and open it again the Notes area has a 4th size. Could you please look into this again?

By the way: CTRL + B does not work when focus is in the “Defined Bahaviours” dialog. Using CTRL + B when the dialog is shown should hide the dialog.

  1. It seems like all shortcut are disabled when focus is in the "Defined behaviors" dialog.

Problem has disappeared after docking and undocking the “Defined behaviors” panel.


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